Trainline – ‘I Am Train’ TVC, Sep 2015

This Super-Chillaxed Commuter Is Winning at the Art of Train Travel

Ringan Ledwidge Directs Anomaly’s First Spot for Trainline

This new campaign for British train information app Trainline features a commuter who’s super-happy — because he’s mastered the art of train travel. We watch him pass, relaxed, through a crowded station as we hear his narration, including lines such as “I am a smooth river of a man…passing through a platform of madness.” The script combines just about the right blend of humor and information: we learn that he’s saved money by booking in advance, but there are also lines such as “I have a little banana in my bag for later in the journey” delivered in a way that’ll make you smile. As he gets more and more carried away in his reverie, he lets finally the world know how amazing he feels.

The ad, the first work from Trainline from Anomaly London, was directed Rattling Stick’s Ringan Ledwidge (Sainsbury’s Christmas Ad, The Guardian’s Three Little Pigs, and Axe’s Susan Glenn).

Simon Darling, Trainline’s commercial director, said in a statement: “We wanted to convey the idea of someone who wins at trains. The kind of person who glides through the station to their platform because they know the platform number in advance via our app. The kind of person who saves money because they booked via our app whilst watching TV the night before they travel. “I am train” conveys that winning feeling.”


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