Hyundai – Brilliant Memories, 2014

Hyundai Turns People’s Beloved Old Cars Into Works of Art Emotional Campaign From Korea Taps Into Drivers’ Love Affair With Their Vehicles

Hyundai tapped into the emotional connection people have with their cars in a campaign from Korea that turned vehicles destined for the scrapyard into works of art. Agency Postvisual, part of JWT, tracked down the discarded cars of four different people in these films — a taxi driver who had spent 20 years driving his cab around, an actor who had courted his wife in his car, a photographer who used his van for work and an emigrant who sells her car to raise money for a new life abroad. Then, a team of artists turned the cars into sculptures which represent something about the owner’s life and memory of the time they spent in it — for example, as seen here, the taxi driver’s cab became a sofa made out of its leather seats, with a flashing “taxi” sign on the top. The tagline of the campaign is “We return your brilliant memories back to you.”

The films were uploaded onto Hyundai’s official YouTube channel in October 2014. Within two months, the campaign garnered a total of 5.95 million views, received coverage on television and in newspapers and magazines, and won the Korean Advertising & PR Practitioner’s Society 2014 Advertising of the Year award.


Expedia – Somewhere Over the Rainbow, 2015

Wistful Renditions of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ Make This Expedia Ad Special

Spot From Australia Captures Our Yearning for Travel

A series of characters wistfully sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” as they go about their everyday lives, dreaming about where they’d like to travel in this touching spot for Expedia Australia and New Zealand. The ad, created by DDB Sydney and directed by Sean Meehan of Soma Films, shows them longing to travel for different reasons — a taxi driver’s nostalgic trip to Europe, a woman dreaming of visiting a friend in New York, the young girl who wants to experience Cambodia — illustrating how Expedia can help make their dreams a reality. It’s a contrast in tone to the agency’s previous campaign, which showed office stationery feeling abandoned by people gone on vacation., Here, the music and stories capture our yearning for travel, and will certainly resonate with anyone who hasn’t been on vacation for a while.

HelloFlo Puts on a Hilarious Postpartum Musical

Film Promotes Brand’s New Mom Kit

HelloFlo founder and CEO Naama Bloom is back, and this time her target audience is a little older. New moms are now being offered their own subscription service, and this hilarious video touches on some of the areas it covers. Like its predecessors, First Moon Party and Camp Gyno, it features a scarily determined heroine who wants to profit from her own experiences. But in this case, she puts on a musical centering on the indignities of new motherhood, which include everything from cracked nipples to incontinence issues. (Imagine if the teens from the previous spots had grown up). However, the HelloFlo New Mom kit threatens to scupper the whole venture.

According to founder Naama Bloom, the kit was inspired by her own experiences as a new mom. “I had been thinking about it for a while because my second child was a VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section), and I remember being struck by how unfamiliar my body seemed during the recovery. It wasn’t until I was home from the hospital and talking to friends about everything that was going on that I realized they all had the answers but didn’t tell me what to expect. I wanted to do the same thing for recovering moms that HelloFlo does for girls entering puberty — educate them on what to expect so that the transition is easier.”

Thanks to her funny feminine-care product videos, Creativity named Ms. Bloom one of the 50 most creative people in the world in 2014 in the annual Creativity 50.

Ms. Bloom launched the first iteration of the kit last summer, but now three are available, at prices ranging from $34.95 to $79.95. The company has three sponsors on board, all of whom make cameos in the film: Procter & Gamble’s Always, Bamboobies and Luna Bar. (You can see the film’s star munching on a Luna bar, and her backup dancers don Always pads and Bamboobies heart-shaped nursing pads on the outside of their leotards.)

To pen the fim’s script, Ms. Bloom approached a handful of comedy writers and finally decided on a woman named Sara Saedi “because I thought she really understood the sensibility of the brand and the type of story I wanted to tell.” The film was directed by one of Ms. Bloom’s friends from her neighborhood in Brooklyn — “He has kids the same age range as mine,” she said. “Since he’s a dad, he’s been up close and personal with this particular subject matter.”

Outside of the New Mom kits, HelloFlo has also expanded its own site content offerings to include articles about pregnancy by medical professionals. “We hope to continue expanding the content and creating products and services for women at all stages of life,” she said.

Air France Launches Clever Upgrade Challenge

Air France just launched a clever little mobile based game that allows people waiting at the gate to compete for upgrades to first class.

I think this is pretty great for many reasons. It targets customer engagement at a key point of attention opportunity, when people are waiting for their flight and likely nose down into their devices. Simple. And the carrot at the end of the stick is something of high value to everyone in that ‘waiting’ moment. They’re already thinking about their ensuing discomfort of a long flight.

Motivating. My only critique is that the game mechanic itself feels quite arbitrary — favouring the more dextrous and gamery contingent, despite many smiling (yet semi-confused looking) older folks being featured in the film. It’s a great campaign in my opinion, as it’s the kind of thing that could be made a permanent part of the brand experience. What if every transcontinental flight had some seats always saved, ready to be won via a digital engagement with the brand at the point of boarding? That’s gotta be cheaper and more valuable than any TVC. Would be a shame if this was just a one and done fleeting idea. What do you all think?’