Honda’s Double-Sided Story

Honda and Wieden + Kennedy London created the incredibly innovated “doubled-sided story” on Youtube to promote its two cars, the Civic and the Civic Type R.  The dual-sided story is three minutes long (six if you want them separated) and users can flip between the perfectly parallel lives by holding down the “R” key. Both stories parallel mirror the other, during the day a father picks his daughter up from school in his white Civic and drives her to a surprise party. Night reveals the father’s other side as an undercover cop delivering a crew of art thieves to a police sting, in his red Civic Type R. Daniel Wolfe, famous for striking commercials and music videos, directs the duel films.

“We wanted people to feel Honda’s other side as well as see it, so we dreamt up a technique that brings together both narratives through a simple interaction,” Wieden + Kennedy London shared on their blog. “With a press of the ‘R’ key, the viewer is given the power to drive the film, toggling between two parallel stories. It’s a dramatic, heart-racing rush, a big gearshift between stories echoing the high-octane rush of pressing the new Type R’s ‘R’ button to activate ‘Race Mode’.”


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