Helping Women Get Online

Helping Women Get Online

About Helping Women Get Online

Helping Women Get Online is an initiative launched by Google in India, to empower women by enabling them to use the Internet.

India is one of the few countries in the world where the online audience is very skewed towards the male population, with only 30% of the active Internet users as women (Source: I-cube data, June 2013). Studies have shown that if women were to get online it would have a very positive impact on their lives, their status as well as the society.

Our endeavor at Google is always to use technology to better the lives of people. So with the aim of bringing a balance in the online space and to empower women, we have taken up the task of helping 50 million additional women get online by end of 2014.

The initiative is being carried out in collaboration with Intel, HUL, Future Group & Axis Bankwho will help drive reach, access points and digital literacy through their various efforts. We also have a host of other partners who are creating relevant content which would serve as an important information source for these women. These partners include Johnson & Johnson, indiatimes, Healthkart, Babyoye… IMRB is our research partner to help track the impact of the initiative on women in India.

In a research done by IMRB, three key barriers keeping women from getting online are access, knowledge & awareness. Helping women overcome these three barriers will form the basis of this initiative.

Some of the key activities of the initiative include: – The site – An Internet Toll Free Helpline number, 1800 41 999 77 to guide women if they get stuck on the Internet. – A mass media campaign on Internet Moms, to help women discover – Ground activations across the country – Collaboration with partners such as HUL, Intel, Future Group and Axis Bank to help drive awareness and reach for the initiative.


Tullamore Dew – Tale of Lost Friend

Tullamore Dew’s Beautiful Story, Expertly Told Leaves Other Liquor in the Dust

Of late, it seems the world of alcohol advertising has been saturated with images of attractive Millennials, either having a rollicking good time or in search of a deeper cause. But this short film running in Europe for Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey, created out of New York boutique Opperman Weiss and directed by RSA’s Laurence Dunmore leaves the others in the dust with a simple approach: a beautiful story, expertly told.

The film opens with a crew of young, suited gents meandering through verdant hills to a rainy church graveyard. As they stroll together, shoulder to shoulder,maneuvering their way past headstones, they reflect on good times past and break out the Tullamore to toast one of their mates, who we presume has transitioned to a world beyond — which, he has, but not in the way we’re expecting.

Smashing Gender Roles – GoldieBlox, 2013

3 Girls Smash Gender Roles to Smithereens in Toy Company’s Glorious Debut Ad GoldieBlox flips Beastie Boys’ ‘Girls’ By David Griner

One of the most anti-feminist songs of the 1980s, “Girls” by the Beastie Boys, is recast as an empowering theme for young women in a new toy ad looking to break gender stereotypes.

The spot is a holiday promotion for GoldieBlox, a construction-themed board game that nearly doubled its Kickstarter goal in 2012. Game developer Debbie Sterling designed GoldieBlox to combine young girls’ love of reading and characters with the engineering themes of toys typically more popular with boys, like Legos and erector sets. To that end, the ad features a massive Rube Goldberg scenario, designed by OK Go contraption collaborator Brett Doar. As the machine’s workings unravel, the girls sing modified Beastie Boys lyrics: “It’s time to change/We deserve to see a range/’Cause all our toys look just the same/And we would like to use our brains.”

And this is just the start of what could be a crazy few months for GoldieBlox, as the company is one of four finalists angling for a free Super Bowl ad paid for by Intuit as part of a small-business contest.

Batkid Begins: Saves ‘Gotham,’ Captivates Internet

Batkid in SFO


Batkid Begins: Saves ‘Gotham,’ Captivates Internet

The streets of San Francisco — sorry, Gotham City — went absolutely insane Friday for a 5-year-old boy named Miles.

Miles has leukemia, and his fondest wish was to be Batman for a day. The Make-a-Wish Foundation obliged, setting up several scenarios around the city involving two of Gotham’s greatest enemies, The Penguin and The Riddler. At last count nearly 15,000 San Franciscans had signed up online to play the grateful onlookers.

Result: cheering crowds comparable in size to the ones that gathered when the San Francisco Giants won the World Series.

Batkid’s journey began Friday morning, as he met Batman and the (donated) Lamborghini Batcar he would be driven around in for the day

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split, Nov 2013

The latest Volvo commercial is going viral for good reason. Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme takes his 53 year-old body to the next level to showcase Volvo’s Dynamic Steering System. The stunt is in fact real. A Volvo rep confirmed that the spot was done in just one take, and if the actor had gotten a leg cramp while filming, he would have been protected by plenty of safety lines that were not visible in the final video. He also was aided by small platforms on the trucks’ side mirrors that helped prop up his feet. But none of this takes away from the badassery of doing a perfect split between two massive moving vehicles.

HUDWAY AR App: Drive Safely

Introducing the latest in-car technology for drivers looking to navigate the road with two hands on the wheel. This Augmented reality app the ‘HUDWAY‘ uses smartphones to outline the road ahead with turn-by-turn directions, and displays it on the windshield using head-up technology – details like speed, distance, and driving instructions are displayed in different light.

Head-up technology is a display that presents information without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints. The HUDWAY does not require any other equipment other than a users smartphone.

Starbucks Tweet-A-Coffee

Simple, sweet, effective.
Starbucks and Twitter team up for the Tweet-A-Coffee campaign. This allows people to send a $5 Starbucks gift card to anyone in the US via Twitter.

It’s a really simple idea, users just need to link their Starbucks and Twitter account and mention @tweetacoffee to send the gift card to a friend, family, follower, or anyone for that matter. They can even include a message to let them know that their next Starbucks is on them.