Peruvian Cancer Society – Searching for Hearts

Mayo Draftfcb finds generosity in an unexpected place

The Peruvian Cancer Society had a big problem. Every year, it seeks to raise money for children with cancer through a campaign called Ponle Corazon, but for the past three, it has failed to reach its target goals. So instead of going to the general public, this time, with the help of Mayo Draftfcb, it took its drive to a very specific demographic: occupants of the country’s most dangerous prison, Castro Castro Penitentiary.

Where many would assume generosity and compassion would be at an all time low, the organization discovered just the opposite, with the prisoners freely giving of their money, as well as their own personalized gifts to the suffering children.

The effort ended up generating publicity in the press, driving further donations from Peruvians outside the prison walls and helping the Peruvian Cancer Society to finally reach its target. And equally important, it helped to raise the morale of the prisoners too.

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