Lincoln – Record

Lincoln’s New Film Will Make Your Head Spin, Literally

Latest addition to “Hello Again” campaign takes viewers on a musical spin

Hang on to your seats–especially those of you who have weak constitutions and aren’t the biggest fans of the teacup ride at Disneyland. Lincoln Motor Company recently tapped Wriggles and Robbins, the directing duo behind this fabulous breath-themed film and music video, to participate in its creatively-driven series on Vimeo. Riffing off the campaign’s theme “Hello Again,” ( also the basis for Chris Milk’s multi-sensory online experience in which Beck reimagined Bowie, the directors were tasked with reimagining something familiar. In the case of Wriggles & Robbin, it was an old school LP.

The film sees the world from the record’s point of view, depicting a varied cast of characters’ reactions to the single piece of music imprinted on its grooves (“Be Happy” by Amateur Best). We see a couple having a spat, two seniors going battling it out, in various ways, at an old folks’ home and ballerinas during rehearsal.

“We played the song to the actors for the first time on set and asked them to improvise a scene to the music,” explained Matt Robinson, one-half of the directing duo, along with Tom Wrigglesworth .”What we ended up capturing were fleeting, slow motion moments of people responding to the track, from the spinning perspective of a vinyl record.”

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