– #connectheworld, Facebook ruling the world?

So Mark Zuckerberg has been busy rounding up some of the world’s biggest mobile and internet companies to create who will champion brining low-cost internet connectivity to the next 5 billion people in the developing world

“The uncharitable way of looking at Zuckerberg’s charitable endeavor, in other words, is to see it as an effort to permanently entangle Facebook in the lives of the next wave of Internet consumers, and to attract a public subsidy at the same time.

Greater connectedness in the developing world is an eminently worthy goal: It would speed economic growth, raise living standards, boost employment, expand access to education and generally improve the lot of people in need. But it shouldn’t be achieved at the cost of a disguised public subsidy to a particular enterprise or in ways that create an unfair competitive advantage. Praise Zuckerberg for his vision, by all means — but bear that in mind.”

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