Samsung Cameras – Survivor, Contest

Samsung is sending 16 global contestants to a deserted-ish island, armed with Samsung Galaxy S4s and a Galaxy NX Camera in a never-seen-before adventure stunt. Except, wait, haven’t we seen this campaign before? “SOS-Island,” a new campaign from the phone manufacturer, takes a page out of Heineken and Axe’s books, by featuring contestants facing rigorous challenges to demonstrate the photographic capabilities of the Samsung products, on a deserted island.
Contestants will have to share images from their devices to the brand’s Facebook page, and also “outsmart” the competition. The contestant with the most votes wins the prize: their own island. Or more precisely, $100,000 towards their own private island adventure.
The reality show will be hosted by survival expert and star of “Survivorman,” Les Stroud and is being executive produced by Craig Borders, the man behind “The Mole,” “Laguna Beach,” and “Ink.” The show will be broadcast starting Sept. 30 on YouTube and Facebook, while global casting begins now through Sept. 2nd on


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