– #connectheworld, Facebook ruling the world?

So Mark Zuckerberg has been busy rounding up some of the world’s biggest mobile and internet companies to create who will champion brining low-cost internet connectivity to the next 5 billion people in the developing world

“The uncharitable way of looking at Zuckerberg’s charitable endeavor, in other words, is to see it as an effort to permanently entangle Facebook in the lives of the next wave of Internet consumers, and to attract a public subsidy at the same time.

Greater connectedness in the developing world is an eminently worthy goal: It would speed economic growth, raise living standards, boost employment, expand access to education and generally improve the lot of people in need. But it shouldn’t be achieved at the cost of a disguised public subsidy to a particular enterprise or in ways that create an unfair competitive advantage. Praise Zuckerberg for his vision, by all means — but bear that in mind.”


Lincoln – Record

Lincoln’s New Film Will Make Your Head Spin, Literally

Latest addition to “Hello Again” campaign takes viewers on a musical spin

Hang on to your seats–especially those of you who have weak constitutions and aren’t the biggest fans of the teacup ride at Disneyland. Lincoln Motor Company recently tapped Wriggles and Robbins, the directing duo behind this fabulous breath-themed film and music video, to participate in its creatively-driven series on Vimeo. Riffing off the campaign’s theme “Hello Again,” ( also the basis for Chris Milk’s multi-sensory online experience in which Beck reimagined Bowie, the directors were tasked with reimagining something familiar. In the case of Wriggles & Robbin, it was an old school LP.

The film sees the world from the record’s point of view, depicting a varied cast of characters’ reactions to the single piece of music imprinted on its grooves (“Be Happy” by Amateur Best). We see a couple having a spat, two seniors going battling it out, in various ways, at an old folks’ home and ballerinas during rehearsal.

“We played the song to the actors for the first time on set and asked them to improvise a scene to the music,” explained Matt Robinson, one-half of the directing duo, along with Tom Wrigglesworth .”What we ended up capturing were fleeting, slow motion moments of people responding to the track, from the spinning perspective of a vinyl record.”

Doritos Locos Tacos – Makes Canadians ‘Eat Their Words’

Taco Bell Brings Doritos Locos Tacos to Canada and Makes Canadians ‘Eat Their Words’

Fast-Feeder Etches Unhappy Tweets on Taco Shells

In 2012, Americans ate one million Doritos Locos Tacos. Every day. You can only imagine what the Canadians were thinking, since the product wasn’t available in that country yet. In fact, over the last year, the fast-feeder saw some choice words hurled its way via Twitter from our Northern neighbors over why they hadn’t gotten the DLTs.

But now, Canada has finally witnessed the arrival of the taco shell made with Doritos chips (available in Cool Ranch, Nacho Cheese and now, Fiery). So for payback, Doritos invited those angry tweeters to eat their words — literally. To herald the Canadian DLT drop, the company etched the angry tweets onto Doritos shells, then “made” the complainers come intothe restaurant to try the taco.

Brand on Youtube:

These Taco Bell fans thought Doritos Locos Tacos would never come to Canada. Well, they’re here. So we decided we’d give them a chance to try DLT first — and a chance to eat their words. #DLTCANADA – Get yours on Monday, Sept. 2 nationwide!

Handpainted Type – India

Handpainted Type is a project that is dedicated to preserving the typographic practice
of street painters around India. These painters, with the advent of local DTP (Desktop Publishers) shops, are rapidly going out of business with many businesses and shops switching to the quicker, cheaper but uglier vinyls. Many painters have given up their practice altogether.

The project involves documenting the typefaces of road side painters across India, digitizing it and archiving it for future generations.

Hitler – Mercedes, Film School Ad – August 2013

Adolf Hitler Killed as a Boy by Speeding Mercedes in Film Students’ Crazy Spec Ad This is not how Daimler rolls

If you were a car, and you could travel back in time and kill Hitler when he was a boy, would you do it?

Well, if you were a Volkswagen, the answer would probably be no, since you’d be murdering your own father, and you’d probably cease to exist. A C-Class Mercedes-Benz, however, would suffer no such temporal paradox, and that’s the vehicle of young Adolf’s destruction in this well-made though extremely odd commercial parody, created as a thesis by some German film students.

In the 80-second clip, the driverless car avoids various kids in Hitler’s picturesque Austrian hometown but mows down young Adolf. The vehicle’s Collision Prevention Assist technology, we’re told, “detects dangers before they come up.” The final image of the school-age never-to-be-Führer lying on the ground, limbs splayed out like a swastika, is memorably intense.

Mercedes parent Daimler is understandably miffed, and forced the students to add blaring disclaimers that identify the project as a spoof. The controversy has helped the clip go viral, with almost 700,000 YouTube views since Friday. Couching the film as an ad for a real automaker also provides, perhaps unintentionally, extra layers for interpretation by bringing the global corporate/industrial/media complex into the picture.

The filmmakers—Tobia Haase, Jan Mettler and Lydia Lohse—have said they wanted to explore the morality of technology by asking what would happen if machines had souls. I wonder what the world would’ve been like had Hitler had one.

Nokia Lumia 1020 – The Photo Fight

A kid’s play is one of those times when you want to get the perfect shot. But most phones aren’t capable of capturing quality photos at a distance. Even if it’s just a few rows back. With the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 1020 you get 41 megapixels so every seat is the best seat in the house.’ (YouTube)

Proud Parents Turn a Kids’ Recital Into a Photo-Fight in New Nokia Lumia Ad.
Like in ‘Wedding,’ CP+B Shows How Snapping Photos is Made Easy on the New Phone.

Nokia’s Lumia 1020 continues to show off how great it is at picture-taking in a new spot, titled “Recital.” Crispin Porter & Bogusky brings back much of the same cast from “Wedding,” when picture-taking turned into a chaotic fight, but turns them into high-strung proud parents, who use their iPhones and Samsungs to try and get the best shot possible.

The details in the ads are great and make it watchable multiple times — the ridiculousness of the person using an iPad to take a photo, for example — but what takes the cake is the last minute jab at Apple’s own iPhone camera ad, right at the end of the spot. Roman Coppola directs the spot, which will air Sunday during the VMAs.

However, there is one thing Nokia seems to be taking from Samsung’s book. The idea of using an ensemble cast over and over again has already been done, most notably in the viral “Next Big Thing” ads from that company. (Aug 22, 2013)

Nike – Just Do It, August 2013


via: Creativity Online

What can you do? Can you run a mile? Can you dance? Can you fight?
Nike says well, that’s not good enough in “Possibilities,” a new spot out of Wieden & Kennedy celebrating 25 years of the sports giant’s famous “Just Do It” tagline. MJZ’s Nicolai Fugslig directs and Bradley Cooper gives the kick-in-the-butt V.O. that disdainfully sneers at your sporting accomplishments while playfully teasing you to do more.

Quick cut scenes illustrate a call to action to the everyman athlete: You should be running races, not miles, riding rhinos, not bulls. You should also be beating the shorts off athletic greats like soccer star Gerard Pique, boxer Andre Ward, tennis player Serena Williams, and basketball pro LeBron James — who all make cameo appearances in the spot.

Skoda Rapid Leisure – ‘Grandma’

BBH India Presents a Hugely Entertaining ‘What-If’ Scenario
The “what-if” scenario isn’t a new creative tactic, but it’s executed beautifully in this spot for the Skoda Rapid Leisure, an entry level car in the Indian market. BBH India was behind the graphical spot, which shows what might happen if you aren’t driving a Skoda and happen to bump the knee of a cute, knitting, senior citizen, who also happens to have her cuteness, the law and her biker son on her side.

Drypers Singapore, 2013

Drypers, the diaper brand of SCA Hygiene, needed to expand its market share in a fiercely competitive market space by addressing perceptual legacy issues about quality and brand premium.

YouTube: Every moment spent with your baby is precious. Let Drypers give you more time for things that matter. For tips and inspiration, visit